9 Ways Travel Will Change the Way You Think About Life

And-Just-How-Big-of-an-Impact-You-Can-MakeSelins / Shutterstock

6. …And Just How Big of an Impact You Can Make

Funny enough, even though we’re merely tiny insignificant humans in the grand spectrum of life, when you travel and you see the world for what it is, you’ll learn that even the smallest among us, both physically and metaphorically, can have a profound impact.

When you walk through the streets of downtown Manhattan, Toronto, London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, New Delhi or the thousands of other cities, or witness the great creations left behind by ancient civilizations, or even just observe the monument of one of history’s greats, remember that all of these wonderful things were made by people. Regular people who eat, sleep, burp, and fly into a rage when they stub their toe just like the rest of us.

And when you meet new people in these foreign lands and return home with the memory of all the great things you shared with them, you realize that these strangers, just average people you knew for days or weeks at most, shared with you some of the best experiences of your life. And just as you’ll still remember them and the times you had with them, even as the names and faces slip from memory, they’ll probably remember you too.



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