9 Ways Travel Will Change the Way You Think About Life

You'll-Learn-to-Appreciate-What-You-HaveMila Supinskaya / Shutterstock

8. You’ll Learn to Appreciate What You Have

We like to complain. A lot. It’s something we’re all guilty of, no matter how much you deny it. We complain way too much for our own good. But something wonderful happens when we travel. The first thing most of us do when we get home from a long journey is crash on our own bed, or shower, or pillage the cupboards for Oreos.

No matter how much fun you have abroad, there’s always a point where you start to miss home. And when you’re back, those little things you take for granted all start to seem more special. That first shower at home feels like magic, and your blanket becomes the most comfortable piece of fabric to ever exist.

And after seeing what the rest of the world has to offer, we start to think, maybe our own city has some cool things too that we’ve just been ignoring because we’re usually so busy.



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