Around the World in Comfort Food

Moussaka – Greece

The Greek eggplant casserole known as moussaka is rich and delicious, and it’s worth all the time it takes to prepare. Moussaka has three distinct layers – a bottom layer of sautéed eggplant and a middle layer of spiced ground lamb are topped with a sweet and creamy béchamel sauce. All of the layers are cooked separately before being combined and baked together. It’s not a quick process, but the end result – the sweet and soft eggplant combined with the rich lamb and sauce – makes it worth all the fuss.

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Dhal – India

Dhal is a popular dish all across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It literally couldn’t be simpler to make, and its versatility is what makes it so popular. Dhal is a simple soup or stew, made with dried, split pulses, like lentils. Decadently spiced, it’s often served as a dip, as a side dish, or over rice. Dhal is filling, warming and cheap, which makes it the perfect dish to whip up on a rainy day.

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Colcannon – Ireland

While mashed potatoes are popular all across the world, in Ireland, a country that’s known for potatoes, they’ve done things a little differently. Their mashed potatoes are typically mixed with either kale or cabbage, forming a dish called colcannon.

On Halloween, many Irish families serve colcannon in a large dish, with little trinkets or coins hidden throughout. Whichever coin or charm you get is seen as a harbinger of your destiny for the coming year. While colcannon is filling on its own, it’s usually served with ham or bacon.

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