Around the World in Valentine’s Day Desserts

3. Om Ali

This amazing dish called Om Ali, which translates to English as “Ali’s mother,” is a popular dessert all across Egypt. It’s great to make when you have lots of leftover pastry or bread as it resembles a bread pudding, made with stale bread covered in cream and baked until golden brown.

Om Ali is often garnished with toppings like pistachios, coconut flakes, and a drizzle of even more cream before being served. For Egyptians, the contrast between deliciously soft interior and crunchy, caramelized top is what makes this dish so amazing.

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4. Pate de Fruit

Pate de fruit, also known as pastry gems, are familiar to anyone who’s ever gone through culinary or pastry school. They’re little candies that are made with pure fruit purees, sugar, pectin, and citric acid. These little squares of chewy candy taste exactly like the pure fruit, only concentrated. Rolled in crunchy sugar, pate de fruit taste like summer in the middle of winter.

While they’re not impossible to make at home, it’s helpful to do some research first! If you’re making them yourself, you can experiment with unique flavors and combinations.

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5. Syrniki

Syrniki may look like a breakfast food to the typical North American eye, but they’re often served as dessert in eastern Europe. Syrniki are fried pancakes made with a soft, fresh cheese known as quark, and are served with jam, honey, or sour cream. They can be made so that they spread thin or remain thick as hockey pucks. Either way you prefer them, they’re a rich dessert that’s super easy to make — and even easier to eat!

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