Around the World in Valentine’s Day Desserts

9. Kueh Lapis

Kueh Lapis is a popular Indonesian confection that’s extremely time consuming to make but is worth every second.

The batter is simple enough to make since it’s just a lot of butter, eggs, flour, and sweetened condensed milk, but it gets complicated when it comes time to put it together. The cake is made up of multiple thin layers, which are baked one by one. The first layer takes about 5-7 minutes to bake, then slowly, the chef adds a scoop of batter to the previous baked layer, smooths it out, and puts it back in the oven. This happens at least 15 times, then the cake is left at room temperature to cool before being served.

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    10. Pavlova

    There’s a wild debate raging between chefs in New Zealand and Australia over the place where pavlova was first made. Regardless of where it originated, pavlova is a delicious confection that’s super easy to make. Really, all you need are some egg whites, and a mixer. Warning: don’t try this one by hand!

    Traditionally, this dish is topped with kiwis, strawberries, and passionfruit, but you can use whatever fruit you happen to have at hand.

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    11. Po’e

    This delicious fruit pudding known as po’e hails from Tahiti, a tropical island with no shortage of delicious fresh fruit. It can be made with any type of fruit you like, but popular versions include banana, mango, or papaya are the easiest. To make this dish, combine fruit puree with sugar and cornstarch, and bake until it’s set.


    In Tahiti, this is a staple of family barbeques, where it’s cooked in a banana leaf in the coals of the fire. Once cooked, the pudding is topped with coconut cream.

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