Culture Palate: Dishes from Ukraine


Another extremely popular main course in Ukraine is holubtsi. For this dish, cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat, then cooked in tomato sauce. Making holubtsi takes a fairly long time, but the results are definitely worth it. The decadent rolls are served with a ladle of tomato sauce over top and accompanied by sour cream. Although it’s possible to make holubtsi with other fillings (some more unusual fillings include kasha or wheat grits), white rice with ground pork and beef are the most common.

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Kasha hrechana zi shkvarkamy

Many Ukrainian recipes are extremely time-consuming and require several hours of effort. However, kasha hrechana zi shkvarkamy (buckwheat with pork rinds and onions) is a one-pot meal that’s delicious, hearty, and extremely filling. It’s an ideal weeknight meal because it can be on the table in less than an hour.

To make this delicious dish, minced pork or sliced, chopped bacon is added to aromatics like onion and carrot, then sautéed until fragrant. Toasted buckwheat kernels (kasha) are added to the pot, and the entire mixture is covered with water and spices and simmered until the buckwheat is cooked through.

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Kotleta po-kyivsky

Kotleta po-kyivsky, also known in English as Chicken Kiev, is a common Ukrainian dish that (despite the name) was probably not invented in Ukraine. The dish is made of chicken cutlet pounded flat and stuffed with butter, then covered in breadcrumbs and fried until golden and crisp. This dish is typically found on restaurant menus and is very popular with tourists.

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