Have You Fallen for One of the Top 11 Travel Scams in Europe?

Addition-ErrorMinerva Studio / Shutterstock

4. Addition “Error”

Travelers across Europe struggle with exchange rates and it’s easy for local shopkeeps to add an extra five euros onto any bill without you noticing. Those that do notice may be too confused to question it, or are simply unable to if they don’t speak the local language. Depending on where you’re from, the additional cost of the “error” could be as high as double the price, so be careful.

Baggage-FeesSFC / Shutterstock

5. Baggage Fees

Although there are some pretty cheap deals available to fly from country to country throughout Europe, a lot of the flights do not include baggage costs, which can be pretty steep. Trying to navigate — pun intended – airline websites is often tricky enough in your native language, let alone in a language you can barely understand. It is therefore quite easy for these airlines to sneak in extra fees that you will only find out about at the very last minute.

Tourist-PricingMi.Ti. / Shutterstock

6. Tourist Pricing

Tourist versus local pricing is a common challenge faced by tourists worldwide. There are many touristy spots throughout Europe that boast so-called “local prices,” but don’t be fooled. Despite their apparent honesty, the fact that these shops are aware of the tourist vs. local price discrepancy is merely a solid indication that they’re going to get you with it.



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