Have You Fallen for One of the Top 11 Travel Scams in Europe?

Fake-Officersfile404 / Shutterstock

10. Fake Officers

There are numerous individuals walking around in official looking uniforms across Europe, especially at border crossings. Some of these officials are real and some are not. The fake officials will ask you to pay access fees that are not actually required and often quite high. This is one of the more difficult scams to avoid, as anyone can look pretty important in a uniform. Ask your hostel or hotel about any anticipated fees prior to embarking on any day trips alone to avoid these tricky traps.

Hotel-HackersStefano Cavoretto / Shutterstock

11. Hotel Hackers

As our home away from home, we often feel safe in our hotel room when traveling. However, this is not the place to let your guard down. Many scammers will target hotels to trick tourists into giving them their personal banking information. Late night phone calls requiring confirmation of your credit card information are common. Whenever giving out your banking info always, do so in person when possible and do not provide anything over the phone. A hotel’s priority is your comfort, so it’s highly unlikely they would be calling you at 4 in the morning.



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