How to Eat Your Way Around an Argentinian Asado

Do they eat anything besides meat? I’m a vegetarian.

You’re pretty much screwed. Sorry. I mean, there is a salad, but that’s normally the only non-moving thing served.

What do they drink?

During dinner, you’ll drink red wine, and lots of it. To be more specific, you’ll drink Malbec, the patron wine of Argentina grown in the wine region of Mendoza.

After dinner, yerba mate is passed. It’s a tea of sorts that blends herbs and caffeine and looks like marijuana. The tea is sipped through long, silver straws, and it’s definitely an acquired taste. Like the asado itself, yerba mate is about people and sharing. Aside from the flavor, it’s the perfect way to end an asado. Besides, the caffeine helps wake you from the food coma for the drive (or stumble) home.



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