Indigenous Tribes That Survived the Times

12. Sioux – USA

Also commonly called Dakota, the Sioux people used to live at the source of the Mississippi River, and first encountered Europeans in the 17th century. They now mainly live in the areas that are currently known as North and South Dakota.

They were originally an agricultural tribe that gathered wild rice, and hunted deer and buffalo, but eventually became nomadic, hunting bison instead. Part of their culture is depicted in the movie Dancing with Wolves, where they live in tipis and wore clothes made of leather.

11. Tzotzil – Mexico

Living currently in the Mexican state of Chiapas, the Tzotzil are one of the ethnic group of people who descended from the Maya. Archaeological data shows their ancestors arrived in the area they currently reside between 100 to 300 BCE.

They have intricate religious beliefs, in which the world is thought to be square with a hill located in the ceremonial center (the navel). They also believe human beings have two souls, a “classic” soul and an animal spirit companion.

10. Pygmy People – Central Africa

The Pygmies are tribes of short people located in Central Africa. The name comes from the Latin Pygmaei, meaning the length from the elbow to the knuckles. It’s, however, sometimes considered pejorative and tribes prefer to identify with their ethnicity.

Some researchers believe they became small due to lack of ultraviolet light, causing low vitamin D levels and poor calcium intake. Others think it’s the lack of food in the rainforest. They’re famous for their music, which is complex and entertaining.

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