Indigenous Tribes That Survived the Times

9. Berber – Morocco

The Berber people are thought to have inhabited the Maghreb region (northwestern Africa) from at least 10,000 BCE. At one time, they were scattered across most of North Africa, from the Atlantic Sea to Egypt.

They’re the true desert people and if you plan on visiting the Sahara, you’ll probably stay in one of their camps. They’re famous for their tapestry and are thought to have invented couscous, the main ingredient of delicious tajine.

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8. Kayan – Myanmar

Located mainly in the Northeastern states of Myanmar, the Kayan are a sub-group of the Karenni people. During the conflicts with the military regime, many fled to the area around the border with Thailand.

Kayan women are distinct in the fact that they wear neck rings, which are brass coils placed around their necks. Some anthropologists think the neck rings originated to protect against tiger bites or to resemble dragons, which are part of the Kayan folklore.

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7. Mosuo – China

Sometimes referred as “the last matrilineal society,” the Mosuo is a Chinese tribe basically run by women. They usually take care of business and jobs, while men tend to handle politics, livestock, and fishing. Children always remain in the mother’s care and take their family name.

One interesting aspect of their culture is the so-called “walking marriage,” where the man will walk to the house of his partner, spend the night with her, and walk home early the next morning.



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