Indigenous Tribes That Survived the Times

6. Akha – Thailand

The Akha people are a hill tribe located in the mountains of Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and China. Their population is currently around 400,000 and they live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, moving their villages every so often.

They don’t have a social class system and everyone is considered more or less equal, with respect given according to age and experience. They’re usually segregated by gender, with men and women living in different houses.

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5. Ainu – Japan

The Ainu people have been around since the 1200s and were originally a tribe of hunter-gatherers, who survived by hunting bears and fishing salmon. There are now officially 25,000 Ainu people, though the government estimates there could be up to 200,000, as many have assimilated with the Japanese society.

Men stop shaving their beards and mustaches after a certain age and women tend to wear mouth tattoos, which they start from a young age. Their traditional dresses, which are robes called attusi or attush, are spun from the bark of elm trees.

4. Inuit-Yupik – Siberia, Alaska, Canada, and Greenland

The Inuit-Yupik are the people commonly referred as Eskimos, but the term is nowadays considered pejorative and tends to not be used. They encompass the large and similar ethnic groups of people who have been living in the Arctic for at least 5,000 years.

They’re used to living in freezing temperatures and as agriculture was never a possibility, they became expert hunters. They created the kayak, which was originally seal skins stretched over a whale bone frame, and also igloos, the famous snow hut that kept them warm.



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