Myth and Legend: The Best Supernatural Landmarks of Ireland

Charles Fort – County Cork

Charles Fort was built in 1682 to replace an older fort that stood nearby. It was used as a fortress, storehouse, and bastion for years until it fell into disrepair. It has only recently been restored by the Irish heritage service.

However, people still feel wary of visiting because of the ghosts that are rumored to haunt the fort. The figure of a woman dressed in white has been seen walking the halls. Many people believe she is the ghost of a woman who threw herself from the walls in grief after her husband was shot the night that they were married.

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Blarney Castle – County Cork

If you’re visiting Ireland, chances are you’ve heard the legend of the Blarney Stone. It’s a rock which Irish hero Cormac MacCarthy kissed after receiving a promise from the goddess Cliodhna that if he did, he would be rewarded with the gift of persuasion.

Blarney Castle receives many visitors who come specifically to kiss the stone, hoping for the same luck. However, visitors who are tempted to bring stones away from the castle should know that it is considered horrible luck to do so. There are uncountable stories of people becoming ill or depressed after leaving the area with even so much as a pebble from the castle grounds.

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Tory Island – Ulster

Tory Island is the most remote inhabited island in Ireland – it lies nine miles off the coast of County Donegal, in Ulster. Although now the population is roughly about 150 people, the island has a long and storied history which is one of the main selling points to tourists.

Legend has it that the island was once the home of the ancient king Balor, who imprisoned his wife Ethlinn (who later gave birth to the god Lugh) in a tower on the island’s highest peak. You can visit Balor’s Fort on the island’s easternmost side, which has amazing views over the nearby cliffs.

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