So You Want to Fly Space-Available on a Military Hop?

Delays: Medical

Some transport flights are for wounded soldiers coming to the States or being transported for specialty treatment within the States. This was particularly true in Ramstein, Germany, where for 3 days all flights carried burn victims, which meant they could take no extra passengers. Count your blessings and keep calm.

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The People You Meet

One of my favorite things about flying Space-A was the people I would run into. Whether it was the dad telling funny stories about flying mishaps or the old man who routinely bikes across Europe, everyone has interesting quirks and tales. There is a sense of comradery among passengers as you rally together through delays, vague communication, and random cancellations.

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Flying the Plane

As a well-behaved kid, I would get asked sometimes to come up to the cockpit and watch takeoff or landing. It was a fun bonus for an aviation-obsessed girl.

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