The 10 Worst Pieces of Travel Advice

Women-Shouldn't-Travel-AlonePhillip Rubino / Shutterstock

4. “Women Shouldn’t Travel Alone”

False. Women should travel alone more. Just because an act is stigmatized doesn’t mean it won’t one day become normalized. Solo female travelers who rely on their instincts, stay alert, and are practical are in no more danger than their solo male counterparts. Comparatively, men shouldn’t assume they’re safe traveling solo simply because they’re male. Vigilance is something everyone should practice while traveling, regardless of their sex.

Always-Travel-With-a-BuddyMaridav / Shutterstock

3. “Always Travel With a Buddy”

Definitely not. Some of the most meaningful trips are those undertaken alone. When you travel alone, you are allowed to be completely selfish. Go where you want, see what you want, and learn about yourself. While traveling with a buddy can be great, traveling alone can prove to be just as rewarding and safe.

Wait-Until-the-Kids-Are-OlderNicoElNino / Shutterstock

2. “Wait Until the Kids Are Older”

Carpe Diem. Just because your children are young and may not remember the trip later on doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy themselves in the moment. Money spent on a family trip is money well spent. Don’t put off family trips until your children are older, the longer you wait, the farther away your dreams of a family trip will seem, and the less likely they’ll be to come true as your children become involved in extracurriculars and their own social lives.



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