The 11 Most Luxurious Yachts in the World

One of the most popular places for billionaires to sink millions of dollars is in a personalized luxury yacht. These floating palaces often contain similar amenities to a commercial cruise ship but are smaller and consequently able to travel in and out of ports most average Americans have never even heard of.

If you’ve dreamed about living a life of luxury, check out some of these incredible superyachts. They’re owned by some of the wealthiest families in the world and are staffed round-the-clock by professionals whose only job is to cater to the whims of the yacht’s wealthy passengers.

1. The History Supreme

Finally completed in 2011, the History Supreme became the most expensive yacht in history when it was sold to an anonymous buyer for an astronomical $4.8 billion.

Built by British designer Stuart Hughes, the yacht has a hull covered in a thin layer of gold and platinum. There are over 220,000 pounds of precious metal on board, including a massive piece of art in the master bedroom made out of platinum set with pieces of meteorite and real dinosaur fossils. Moreover, the 100-foot yacht features a sumptuous interior and a glassed-in dining area that gives an incredible 360-degree view.

2. The Eclipse

Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the Eclipse was the largest private yacht from its launch in 2010 until it was surpassed in 2013.

Built by German shipbuilders Blohm+Voss, it features an absolute arsenal of semi-military amenities including two helicopter pads, three launch boats, and a mini-submarine. For the owner’s safety, the yacht is outfitted with a missile detection system. For the guests’ pleasure, there are multiple hot tubs, a dance hall, and 24 separate guest cabins.

Apparently, Abramovich had the yacht listed on a brokerage site in order to evade taxes. However, it’s actually a private vessel, which he uses primarily to ferry guests to his estate on St. Barts.

3. The Azzam

In 2013, the Azzam official eclipsed the Eclipse as the largest private yacht in the world. Built by legendary yacht builders Lürssen, it’s rumored that the yacht was bought by the royal family of Abu Dhabi for $605 million.

Azzam is 590 feet long and, like the Eclipse, features a missile defense system and a submarine. The yacht can reach never-before-seen speeds. Since the owners insist on remaining anonymous, it’s hard to know what interior amenities lurk behind Azzam’s pure white hull. Undoubtedly, they’re beyond luxurious.

4. The Rising Sun

Another spectacular Lürssen creation is the $300 million Rising Sun, a 454-foot yacht that was co-owned by Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle computer technology company, and Geffen Records founder David Geffen. Eventually, Ellison sold his share to Geffen.

The Rising Sun features eight massive guest cabins and is staffed by a crew of between 45 and 55. If visitors get tired of lounging on the deck, there’s a regulation size basketball court on board.

Some of the famous guests that have visited Geffen aboard this yacht include Oprah and the Obamas.

5. The Serene

Owned by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the 439-foot mega yacht Serene was built by Fincantieri in 2011. When it first launched, it was the largest yacht to have ever sailed in Italian waters.

Styled by renowned designer Espen Oeino, the interior is full of amenities that will please even the most discerning guest. There’s a gigantic sundeck with a teppanyaki grill and pizza oven, two swimming pools, two jacuzzis, a movie theater, and a special underwater viewing room. In terms of security, there’s enough space to land two helicopters and a submarine garage.

It’s estimated that the yacht cost the Crown Prince $560 million.

6. Motor Yacht A

Owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, the sleek and streamlined Motor Yacht A is renowned for its famous designer. In fact, Philippe Starck claims that all it took 90 seconds for him to figure out what he wanted the yacht to look like after receiving the specifications.

The result is a yacht that looks like a sleek, white toucan’s bill. The main cabin is gigantic and features a huge semi-circle of windows behind the massive bedframe. The interior of Motor Yacht A is much homier than most other mega yachts — even the garage has squashy sofas and plenty of reading material.

7. The Dubai

Measuring 531 feet long, the Dubai mega yacht was originally commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 1991. Unfortunately, it was shelved soon after construction on the hull began. In 2001, the bare bones of the yacht were bought by the ruler of Dubai, who restarted construction on the yacht that he later named the Dubai.

The Dubai has seven separate decks. Its interior is decorated in lavish Middle Eastern style. There are mosaics inlaid on many of the spiral staircases and the walls are draped with luxurious fabrics in vibrant colors. Despite having a staff of over 100 crewmembers, this massive yacht can house at least 72 guests at a time.

8. The Al Said

Another stunning yacht designed by stylist Espen Oeino is the Al Said, which is rumored to be owned by the Sultan of Oman. It’s 509 feet long and is capable of hosting up to 70 guests and over 150 crew members.

Since this yacht is possibly owned by the Omani royal family, not much is known about the interior. Well, other than the fact that there’s a massive concert hall on board that’s capable of seating a 50-piece orchestra.

The Al Said is just one of five yachts owned by the Sultan of Oman. It spends most of her time docked in the Omani port city of Mutrah.

9. The Al Mirqab

Built in 2008, the luxury yacht Al Mirqab won the 2009 Motor Yacht of the Year award. This 436-foot yacht is currently owned by the former Prime Minister of Qatar.

Although the Andrew Winch-designed interior remains a mystery, the exterior, with its royal blue rear deck, is an often-photographed sight among yacht enthusiasts. It can host up to 60 guests at a time.

The Al Mirqab was renovated a few years ago with updates made to the sundeck and interior.

10. Lady Moura

The Lady Moura is probably the only yacht to come with a built-in white sand beach, complete with palm trees and the ability to be lowered down to water level. Built in 1990, the 344-foot Lady Moura was sold for $210 million to Saudi Arabian billionaire Nasser Al-Rashid.

The boat’s name and logo are prominently displayed on the top deck, in massive, 24-karat gold lettering. The yacht features two smaller tender boats and a helicopter, which can all be tucked away behind hydraulic doors.

11. The Octopus

The Octopus is currently owned by the estate of the late Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. This 414-foot yacht reportedly costs around $250 million. It was used frequently by Allen to host parties, including star-studded bashes at the Cannes Film Festival.

The luxury yacht features a:

  • Glass-bottom pool;
  • 10-person submarine;
  • Recording studio;
  • Private juice bar, and;
  • Medical center.

During Allen’s lifetime, the Octopus was a member of a voluntary search and rescue system called Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER). As part of AMVER, the yacht participated in several air and sea rescues.

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