The Best Taxis from Around the World


An auto rickshaw offers travelers an alternative commuter experience to the standard, four-door sedan version that populate the streets of India. For starters, hitching a ride in a three-wheeled auto rickshaw is substantially cheaper. Though many local Indians believe the three wheeled taxis to be an unnecessary nuisance, the truth is that the auto rickshaws provide flexibility and much needed competition.

Even better, India is currently in the process of converting these cute little cabs to electric engines. Environmental win!

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London, England

Black Cabs, Hackney Cabs, Hackney carriages … whatever you call them, they’re all over the streets of London, England. The Hackney Carriages of London set the international bar for superior service and unrivaled consumer experience. And as they should. After all, the taxi cab profession owes its livelihood to the invention of the first Hackney Carriages in the 1600s.

London manages to keep the level of Black Cab service high by making it incredibly difficult to qualify for a cab license. To get one, a hopeful cabbie must learn roughly 320 routes through 25,000 streets by heart.

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They may not be as popular as Full Moon parties or Pad Thai, but the Tuk Tuks that maneuver their way through the crowded streets of Bangkok certainly add to Thailand’s charm.

A Tuk Tuk is not unlike the auto rickshaws of India. The quirky little machines can seat three people inside of an open-air cab, run on three wheels, and are incredibly maneuverable and economical. A ride on a tuk tuk isn’t for the faint of heart, though. Aggressive driving can often lead to motion sickness or, you know, abject terror.

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