The Best Taxis from Around the World

Spetses Island

Look out Venice, Greece’s Spetses Island has entered the competition for the most romantic travel option.

Whether you’re looking to class up a first date or just looking to get from Point A to Point B in style, the Horse Buggies of Spetses Island have you covered. The buggies have been in circulation since 1956 and have only grown in popularity in the subsequent years. Though there are cheaper (and faster) commuter options available across the Greek island, they are far less memorable.

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In the wide world of taxis, the abra boats of Dubai are certainly in a league of their own. These traditional wood boats have been used to cross the Dubai Creek for centuries. And, in a region as technologically sophisticated as Dubai, they offer a charming, lo-fi experience for locals and tourists.

What’s more, hopping on board an abra boat is relatively inexpensive. Which gives you more money to spend shopping or visiting this incredible waterpark.

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Havana, Cuba

Taking a cab in the capital city of Cuba is a lot like taking a step back in time. Due to the car import restrictions, Cuban cab drivers rely on relics from the past.

Vintage Cadillacs, Buicks, and Plymouths have been kept alive through the years using a mishmash of re-purposed machine parts. The result is a cool looking car and an interesting commuter experience. I’ll be honest, the ride is typically a rough one. A lot of the cars barely run and ride atop well-worn shocks and wheels. If you’re hoping for a smooth ride, you’re out of luck. If you’re hoping for a unique experience however, Cuba has got you covered!

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