The Coolest Cargo Planes in the World

Cessna Supercargo Master

The Cessna Supercargo Master is the other side of the gigantic, cargo plane spectrum. Small, maneuverable, and cost effective, this Cessna can be easily piloted by a single person and is ideal for small, short haul shipping gigs.

The Supercargo is also used by FedEx for short, cost effective delivery jobs on a regular basis. It uses one engine, can cruise at a steady speed of 201 miles per hour, and enjoys a payload of 1817 kg. The Supercargo can seat up to 19 passengers, provided that the plane’s owner doesn’t remove the seats to make room for more cargo.

Boeing X-48

No, this is not a UFO. The Boeing X-48 is an experimental cargo ship that has the potential to re-shape the international shipping landscape.

The X-48 relies on a unique, blended wing body design to increase available cargo space. Better yet, the X-48 doesn’t need a pilot to fly the darn thing. It’s a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that can travel fast and carry a lot.

It’s important to note the X-48 is not in service yet. It’s been flight tested by NASA, and the results of those tests are positive, but there are still a lot of unchecked boxes to go before you start seeing the X-48 in the sky.



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