The World in Apple Dishes

Tarte Tatin – France

France is fierce, France is freedom, France is fabulous – step through the alleys of the City of Lights and discover art, cheese, and wine. After all, a selfie with the Eiffel Tower will get you at least one new Instagram follower.

While you’re enjoying the finest world cuisines, remember to try the tarte tatin, one of the hidden gems of French cuisine. Made by mistake in the 19th century, the tarte tatin has caramelized apples on the bottom and a pastry on top – which of course, later on, is turned upside-down to create this délicieux master piece.

hlphoto / Shutterstock

Torta di Mele – Italy

La vita è bella, la vita è amore – life is beautiful, life is love – and life is wonderful in sunny Italy, food heaven on Earth. Savoring Italy shouldn’t be that difficult – just eat every possible carb that finds its way to your plate and you’re good.

But to make your vita as dolce as possible, make some room for a majestic cake. Torta di mele, or apple cake, is a circular creation that even the Roman gods would’ve approved of. Soft on the outside but apple-y on the inside, it’s been a popular dessert among many generations.

As Joey from Friends would say, “What’s there not to like? Apples – good. Cake – good. Apple cake – awesome!”

Apfeltasche – Germany

Are you ready to move to Germany, a land where even the name of a butterfly sounds scary – SCHMETTERLING! However, fear should be gone once you’ve had a few German beers … oh right, we’re here for the apples.

Meet the apfeltasche, a mouthwatering dough pouch filled with chunks of apples and the oh-so-perfect amount of cinnamon. Once you bite into the warm dough, you realize that the best part about is that it doesn’t taste too sweet, nor too sour – it just feels right.

You can’t say nein to that, can you?



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