The World in Apple Dishes

Apfelstrudel – Austria

Since the apple never falls far from the tree, neighboring Austria has done ’em apples some justice as well. Somewhere between the classical music and the magnificent castles, you’ll find the crispy apfelstrudel.

Don’t worry, it’s tastier than it sounds! Basically, a puff pastry layered with apples and spiced up with some cinnamon or nutmeg, you’ll have to be careful while eating this crunchy monster. Sometimes, it may be covered with the finest powdered sugar, or some vanilla ice cream, or some whipped cream. We might be drooling now.

from my point of view / Shutterstock

Tufahije – The Balkans

Before leaving Europe, don’t forget to stop at the Balkan countries for some warm welcomes, breathtaking mountain vistas, and divine foods.

Among all the rakija and cevapcici, try some home-made tufahije – an apple stuffed with nuts and cooked in sugary water. Bursting with rich, sweet flavor, some modern variations of the recipe call for some whipped cream on top – and who are we to stop the recipe from evolving further, huh?

If you’re into fun facts, here’s one – the name of the dessert comes from the Arabic word tuffāḥa, which means apple! It’s a small, small world after all.

Melica / Shutterstock

Arepas Dulces con Manzanas – Colombia

Moving back to the other side of the world, are you ready to enter the homeland of Gabriel García Márquez? In the diverse land of Colombia, you’ll get to taste some of the world’s best coffee and see some emeralds that will put even Oz’s Emerald City to shame.

However, following the yellow brick road here may lead you to discover one more thing: arepas dulces con manzanas. These are somewhat small – but incredibly sweet – fluffy pancakes topped with caramelized apples. For all of you with a sweet tooth, don’t shy away from adding some ice cream on top for a refreshing boost of flavors!

Bonus info: the arepa, in all its varieties, is so popular in Columbia that there’s even an annual Arepa Festival held in five different cities across the country!



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