The World in Breakfast Dishes

Full English – United Kingdom

Most people assume that the English just eat baked beans on toast for breakfast. Although they’re a part of the full English breakfast, they’re not the only ingredients. There’s a lot more to a “proper” full English. Grilled sausages, eggs sunny-side-up, grilled mushrooms, hash browns, a few pieces of thick bacon, and a grilled tomato. And don’t forget a cup of tea (or coffee)! Despite it being an English “breakfast,” it’s usually available until well past lunchtime, as it is a popular choice any time of the day.

The Scottish have their own version – it is somewhat less widely available, but it includes black pudding. Be careful though – this has nothing to do with actual pudding and is in fact a type of sausage. For tourists, they often also include the well-known haggis – this is rarely eaten by locals though.

Sound like a bit much? Well, it is. Most places that do an English breakfast let you pick what you actually want to eat – not many could polish off all of that in one meal! One of the most popular versions is bacon, sausages, hash browns, and beans on toast. The English do like their beans!

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Roti-Platter – India

Roti is a kind of Indian flatbread, not to be confused with the more well-known naan bread. Naan includes yeast, while roti does not, which makes for a better breakfast dish. The bread is, of course, not served alone. It comes with various dips and sauces, usually served in small cups to dip into.

From ketchup to light curry to sour cream or other regional dishes, the options are endless. This particular dish has many more varieties as different regions in India prefer different bread types and different dips. Other types of bread include the idli and dosa, both of which are flatbreads. The dosa, in particular, is popular with those who have a sweet tooth since it goes very well with jams and other sweet toppings.

Chilaquiles – Mexico

This spicy dish is reminiscent of a nacho bowl. Fried and crushed corn tortillas make up the bottom of the dish and are topped with red or green salsa. Some people prefer it spicy while others are happy to have a mild variety – either way it’s quite a hearty dish.

Chilaquiles are also quite different from region to region. In some areas, this dish will come with pulled chicken, although the “standard” dish does not include any.

Served alongside the tortilla chips and salsa, you will usually find some scrambled eggs, beef strips, guacamole, or cheese. For those that haven’t had enough after the full English, refried beans are also a popular addition to this dish.

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