The World in Burgers


Finally, someone has created a burger that you can eat without feeling too guilty about it afterwards. This means switching your regular beef patty for a patty made of alpaca. Just as delicious but with only a fraction of the fat of beef, alpaca is one of the leanest meats on earth. Throw some spicy aji on top and enjoy.

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Just like its northern neighbour, Mexico loves a good burger. Just like numerous other countries around the world, Mexico has found a way to alter this beefy delight in accordance with local culinary customs. Swap your cheddar for queso fresco, your bacon for guacamole, then add jalapenos and you’ve got yourself una hamburguesa Mexicana.


Worried about your carb intake? Trying to cut down on bread? Gluten intolerant? Japan has just the thing.

Allow us to introduce you to the rice burger – a regular burger that switches out a bread bun for one made of rice. Slather on the teriyaki sauce for something more authentic. You can even get patties made from chicken or minced pork if you fancy something a bit different.

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