The World in Burgers


You wouldn’t think that a burger in Canada would be a whole lot different to your average American burger. Think again.

The hot hamburger sandwich can be found all over the country and is basically your average burger, but with a delicious twist. Once the burger is ready, it is then sprinkled with cheese and drowned in gravy. You’ll need a knife and fork to eat it, but you won’t regret a thing.

Image via rowen26


If you need something a bit more filling than tapas, the Spanish burger is the way to go. But don’t go looking for your standard beef burger.

In Spain, it is all about Iberian pork. The salty goodness of this patty is complemented by Spanish cheese (most likely manchego), a slice of chorizo, and some paprika. Que bueno!


North Africa isn’t exactly known for its burger scene, but believe it or not, Morocco can produce a pretty good one. The traditional beef patty is replaced with a spicy lamb kefta, smothered with tangy yoghurt sauce, and some fiery harissa spice. If you can handle the heat, you won’t want to miss this Moroccan masterpiece.



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