The World in Junk Food

Germany – Currywurst

Affectionately known as Germany’s favorite fast food, currywurst is named after the curry used to help flavor the dish. This popular street food is made with steamed and fried sausage, ketchup or tomato paste, curry powder, and other spices.

If you want to try Germany’s best fast food, you may just be in luck: the craze for currywurst has reached the U.S. Here is to the best of the wurst!

Martin Rettenberger / Shutterstock

Cambodia – Deep Fried Spiders

One of the most interesting junk food items comes from Cambodia – deep fried spiders. There is nothing metaphorical about this; a town nicknamed Spiderville is popular with locals and tourists alike!

These spiders are a particular tarantula variety called a-ping. Their common name is edible spider. The spiders are cooked until the contents of the abdomen – including organs, excrement, and possibly eggs – are more solid. Just add some BBQ sauce and the crunchy delicacy is complete!

Image via epicurious

United Kingdom – Chocodilla

The original Chocodilla is made from a grilled tortilla filled with chocolate chips. That by itself sounds delicious. However, Taco Bell decided to up the ante and throw some KitKat’s into the mix. Even though this is only available in the UK, the chocolate-filled delight doesn’t seem too difficult to copy.



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