The World in Liquor

Jenever – Netherlands

Even if you’ve never heard of jenever, you’ve probably already sampled its modern descendant—gin. While gin is truly poised to take over the world, not as many people have heard of jenever, which is primarily produced in the Netherlands and Belgium. It’s a base of neutral grain spirit, flavored with herbal, tart juniper berry. The two types of jenever: oude (old) and jonge (young),— reflect not the period of aging, but rather the strength of the final blend, and the amounts of grain and malt that they contain.

Cachaça – Brazil

Delicious cachaça is a Brazilian liquor made of fermented sugarcane juice—something that Brazil has in ample supply. It’s been a popular spirit in Brazil since the early 17th century.  Farmers that were growing sugarcane used the waste and byproducts from the production of sugar and molasses to make cachaça. Cheaper, unaged cachaça is mostly served in mixed drinks—most famously, it’s the base spirit for a caipirinha—while darker cachaça, that’s aged in wooden barrels for up to one year, is designed for sipping.


Vana Tallinn – Estonia

The tiny country of Estonia has their own special liqueur, that’s made from a base of rum. Vana Tallinn has a spicy, citrusy taste, and although it’s produced by an Estonian company, it can be found relatively easily all over the Baltic states. Liviko, the company that produces Vana Tallinn, has tried to create an origin story and mythology for the sweet liqueur, but it’s mostly an advertising campaign—it was first produced in 1960. In addition to their regular brand, they also offer several seasonal options which include Vana Tallinn Coffee or Vana Tallinn Chocolate Cream.



Mini Guide to Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic island country located in the Arctic Circle. It has a population of nearly 350,000 citizens; however, roughly two-thirds of them live in Reykjavik, the capital, and its surroundings. The country is famous for its geothermal and volcanic activity, which throughout thousands of years created a somewhat otherworldly landscape. Travelers also flock to Iceland to see the incredible Northern Lights and learn about its Viking inhabitants, who settled there in 874 AD.

Top Neighborhoods to Live in If You Love Christmas

If you can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit every year, it’s probably evident from the outside of your home. Many people put up traditional decorations like twinkling lights, evergreen branches, and even inflatable figures in the form of Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Even though we all love Christmas, some people take it to the extreme by choosing where to live based on the town’s level of Christmas cheer. There are tons of towns scattered around the United States that are known for their extreme decorating style, and over-the-top Christmas events. Here are the best neighborhoods to live in if you love Christmas.

Top 11 U.S. Destinations to Hit the Slopes This Holiday

If your choice is to embrace the season, a skiing or snowboarding vacation is the perfect winter getaway. It may feel intimidating, but you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy it. Most ski resorts offer group or individual lessons, as well as rentals for all the equipment you require — it really couldn’t be easier. There are so many amazing ski slopes and resorts all over the United States. Today, we’re going to check out some of the best options for American winter sporting destinations.