The World in Pizza


The country of Norway is known for polar bears and high rates of happiness. However, their biggest accomplishment to date is a little-known fact. In 2005, Norway consumed more pizza per capita than any other nation in the world. In fact, Norwegians love their pizza so much that frozen pizza is their country’s official national dish!

Also known as Saturday Pizza, the toppings on the Lørdagspizza are fairly familiar to westerners: red bell pepper, beef, onion, and meatballs. What isn’t familiar is using sour cream as a dip. If you want to try the most popular brand of frozen pizza in a country of frozen pizza lovers, try Grandiosa next time you venture to Norway.

Image via Veganeren

Burger Pizza

Dominos in India found an ingenious way to combine the two best foods in the world: burgers and pizza. How do they do it? The “burger” buns are made of pizza crust and stuffed between them are melted gooey cheese and typical American pizza toppings.

For the health-conscious, Dominos offers a vegetarian option. No one really knows how this pizza was created, or who the genius was that created it. All we know is this pizza needs to come to the USA, pronto!

Deep-Fried Pizza

If you thought pizza couldn’t get anymore unhealthy than in burger form, wait until you take a bite of deep-fried pizza! In Scotland, you can order a whole pizza, half pizza, single (pizza only), or a supper (fries included). These delectable goodies are served with salt and vinegar, or salt and a traditional brown sauce. Toppings are not too different from the American counterpart, and you can choose to deep-fry with or without batter (with batter carries the flattering name “Pizza Crunch”).

Deep-fried pizzas have been around since the 1970s, and a trip to Edinburgh will transport you to crunchy pizza heaven. Lucky for you, you don’t need to go to Scotland to indulge in this pizza goodness!



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