The World in Street Food

Dango – Japan

One of the most delicious portable treats that you can find in Japan is dango — a round dumpling that’s served on a stick, and can be made with tons of different ingredients depending on the season. The base of the dumpling is always rice flour, but they can be flavored with anything from sweet red bean paste to soy sauce. One skewer will hold between three and five dango, which is a perfect little snack to eat alongside a cup of hot green tea.

Kaneko Ryo / Getty Images

Falafel – Israel

Falafel is an extremely popular snack all over the Middle East — this quick vegetarian treat is a great option for countries where many people have religiously-restricted diets, like Israel, or Egypt. Falafel balls are essentially just crushed chickpeas or fava beans formed into balls and deep-fried, and they’re usually served wrapped in a pita, or on a bed of rice, hummus, or salad — the options are endless. Falafel toppings vary from place to place, but some popular options are pickled veggies, tahini, lettuce, tomatoes, or hot sauce.

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Broodje haring – Netherlands

The food culture in the Netherlands is often regarded with disdain, or outright disgust by outsiders — their dishes are simple, focused on meat and potatoes, with a lot of deep-fried options. One of the most popular street foods in Amsterdam is broodje haring — a piece of raw herring filet on a soft bun, garnished with pickles and chopped raw white onion. Generally, raw herring is eaten with the tiny bones in, so it’s something that needs to be consumed carefully — many people use a toothpick, if they can’t bear to dive in mouth first.

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