The World’s Best Gingerbread Houses

Winchester Mystery Gingerbread House

The Winchester Mystery House is a historic landmark located in San Jose, California. It was originally the home of Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. The story behind the construction of this house is confusing and mysterious, and the house itself is rumored to be haunted.

In 1990, baker Pam Sheridan created a replica of the Winchester home in gingerbread as part of a contest. It was so remarkable that her creation was taken to the actual Winchester house to be displayed. It’s so durable that it’s still on exhibit there today, 27 years later.

Ritz-Carlton Edible Gingerbread Mansion  

While various hotels try and outdo each other every year making the most incredible gingerbread house, the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans went over the top in 2016 and created a life-sized historic mansion made entirely out of gingerbread.

The day before Thanksgiving, the opening ribbon was cut, and people could literally walk onto the gingerbread porch and into a mansion made entirely out of gingerbread, fondant, and sugar. The gingerbread creation was inspired by a famous New Orleans mansion known as the “wedding cake house,” and took a team of eight bakers weeks to put together.

Image via NOLA

Dream House

Each year, the National Gingerbread House Competition takes place in Asheville, North Carolina. Bakers come from all around the world with their signature creations to display them in the hope of winning the grand prize.

In 2016, the winner was Beatriz Müller from Ontario, Canada, who brought her creation entitled “Dream House” to the competition. Her amazing five-storey creation is entirely edible, and features incredible details, like sugar-glass windows, realistic fondant topiaries, and turrets with miniscule balconies and tiny little weathervanes on top.



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