Top 11 Scary Canadian Vacation Facts

Ice-Roads-and-Bridges-Are-a-ThingAlbina Tiplyashina / Shutterstock

7. Ice Roads and Bridges Are a Thing

In Canada, there are some communities that are completely isolated, and can only be traveled to in the winter over frozen lakes and rivers. Some of the ice bridges are so scary that there’s a popular television show featuring them called Ice Road Truckers. The roads are the only connection that some parts of Canada have to the rest of the world other than expensive chartered planes. If you are vacationing in an area that requires you to drive on an ice road, be sure to check the warnings online, and watch for signs around the shore.

The-Nice-Summer-Weather-Brings-Clouds-of-BugsMaridav / Shutterstock

8. The Nice Summer Weather Brings Clouds of Bugs

The joke in Canada is that the mosquito is our national bird. During mosquito season, (which lasts from when it stops being cold to when it starts being cold again) you don’t want to go outside without a hefty spritz of bugspray.

There are also horseflies, deer flies and 165 species of blackflies in Canada. These little monsters travel in swarms, eat a chunk out of your skin, and at the same time can infect you with diseases and/or encephalitis.

Ghosts-Haunt-Many-Popular-Tourist-SitesOlena Zaskochenko / Shutterstock

9.Ghosts Haunt Many Popular Tourist Sites

Banff Springs Hotel
One of the tourist hotspots in Canada is the Banff Springs Hotel. It’s really too bad that it’s haunted. Not only is it haunted by a female ghost in full wedding garb who walks the halls at night slamming doors and making noise, it’s also mysteriously missing room #873, that apparently used to exist until a family was killed in it. After the tragedy it was completely re-done, but numerous reports of paranormal disturbances caused the hotel to decide to get rid of it forever.

The Mill Restaurant in Ottawa
The story goes that the mill owner Joseph Currier’s wife Ann was doing a tour and her dress got caught in a turbine. She was instantly killed, and ever since, there have been sightings of her ghost wandering the mill. Some patrons even claim to hear her wailing.

The Hockey Hall of Fame
Another major tourist hot spot in Canada, the Hockey Hall of Fame is home to a very active ghost. Before it was the Hall of Fame, it was the Bank of Montreal. Apparently, a lonely bank teller was pursuing one of the managers, and after being rejected, took her own life. Visitors swear they still hear her crying through the halls amongst the hockey memorabilia.



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