Traditional Christmas Food from Around the World

13. Laufabrauð – Iceland

Laufabrauð is Icelandic fried bread that’s made specifically to celebrate the Christmas season. It’s a basic round of bread that’s rolled out super-thin, and pierced with a cutout pattern before being fried in hot oil.

The patterns can be whatever you like, or you can buy a specific tool called a laufabrauðsjárn, which cuts out a pretty, pre-set pattern when you roll it over the dough. Often Icelandic families gather before the holiday to make a bunch of laufabrauð together.

14. Kentucky Fried Chicken – Japan

If you spend the holiday season in Japan, you may be surprised to learn that most people get takeout for dinner on Christmas — and not just any kind of takeout. The most popular dish in Japan to eat on Christmas is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The introduction of a “Christmas Party Barrel” in 1974 inspired a new national custom, and now it’s so popular that if you want to eat KFC on Christmas, you’ll have to place your order up to two months in advance.

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