Weirdest American Holiday Traditions

Christmas in July

Some people love Christmas so much that they replicate the holiday in the summer. The Christmas in July tradition started at a summer camp for girls in North Carolina in 1933. Camp organizers wanted to give campers something unique to focus on for their week away, so they organized caroling, decorated Christmas trees, and made fake snow out of cotton. Since then, the tradition has been adopted by ardent Christmas-lovers, who use it as an opportunity to get more use out of their themed clothing and decorations.

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It’s not hard to see where the tradition of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters began – so many people have been the recipients of unfortunate-looking homemade clothing items from relatives, and this is a chance for these long-neglected gifts to shine. Ugly Christmas sweater parties are common, and people who don’t have crafty relatives now have to go to the store and buy their own. Many clothing brands are releasing their own ugly Christmas sweaters, but the best thing to do is hit up a thrift store – there are plenty of cheap and authentically hideous options there.

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Adventuring Santas

Gone are the days when Santa Claus would sit placidly in his big armchair in Santa’s Village and wait for children to come and sit on his lap. Across the United States, many Santa Clauses take part in all sorts of adventurous outdoor activities, much to the delight of local children.

In North Carolina, Santa climbs down Chimney Rock to practice for his busy night of shimmying down chimneys on Christmas Eve. In Camden, New Jersey, Santa scuba dives with the sharks in full red-and-white gear at the Camden Adventure Aquarium. In Crested Butte, Colorado, thousands of Santas dress in their finest costumes and ski for only $23 during the Santa Ski event.

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