What Your Cruise Ship Staff Isn’t Telling You

Sexual-AssaultJeanette Dietl / Shutterstock

Sexual Assault

Yes, you read that right. There are even websites exclusively dedicated to this phenomenon. Women, you aren’t even safe in the middle of the big blue. Major cruise lines report an average of 3 assaults per month! One major cruise line reported 173 occurrences over the last 5-year period.

The-Creepy-Crawliesjareynolds / Shutterstock

The Creepy Crawlies

Bed bugs! There have been many reported cases of cruise ships infested with these little critters. With no way to remedy the situation until your luxurious stay has come to an end, you have to learn to live with the little guys nibbling on your toes and rustling under the sheets.

The only option you have is to check your bed and linens thoroughly upon arrival, and be sure to alert staff right away if a problem is discovered.

What it really comes down to is doing your research and asking the right questions. If you know the track record of your cruise line, and you have done due diligence you should be able to see past all of the hype about cannibal rats and malfunctioning toilets, and enjoy a little R&R while at sea.



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