Why Right Now Is the Easiest Time to Travel

3. You Can Get By With English

The few words of Thai I learned before leaving home were completely unnecessary. There are plenty of signs in English and it seems like everyone can speak it, even if it’s not perfect. When the old lady selling Pad Thai knew enough English to communicate, I was impressed.

Of course your relationship with the locals will change drastically — for the better! — if you speak even a few words in their language, but you don’t have to.

4. All the Information Is Out There

Well, most of it! There are definitely places that haven’t received enough tourists, so it might be harder to find some precise information about them, but the rest? I bet you it’s somewhere inside one of the major guide books or someone has blogged about it!

In the past I would research a lot more about the places I was going to visit, but nowadays I just browse the night before and pretty much know all the highlights and what’s worth doing or not.

One might wonder if traveling is still as rewarding as before, considering there isn’t any struggle. Where is the fun if everywhere is the same? How can it still be adventurous and unique if everyone has done it?

It can be very similar, but it’s never the same. What you do and how you do it will define how unique your experience really is. A bungee jump in New Zealand will have completely different scenery from one in South Africa, for instance.

Focus on the people, learn their stories, reflect and come to your own conclusions. I’ve heard stories from two different people about the same place and while one hated it, the other loved it to bits.

I believe it only confirms the old adage: “You have to be in the right place at the right time,” but I’d also add: with the right people!

So, don’t waste any time! Book your next trip while you’re still connected to the Internet and when you leave the country, don’t forget your smartphone!



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