13 Ridiculously Impractical Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Always-Order-the-Cheapest-Thing-on-the-MenuSmokedsalmon / Shutterstock

7. Always Order the Cheapest Thing on the Menu

And never have a drink with dinner. Instead just sip your tap water defiantly in a top-notch Parisian restaurant while the rest of your traveling party enjoys their fine, perfectly paired wine. Bordeaux, Champagne… the real thing can’t be that much better, can it?

Take-Home-Sad-LeftoversWarren Price Photography / Shutterstock

6. Take Home Your Sad Leftovers

Waiters in nice restaurants abroad love it when customers ask them to wrap up the two, sad remaining bites of their filet mignon. For an extra touch of class, fill your bag or purse (or luggage jacket?) with the free bread for a stale but frugal breakfast the next morning.

Don't-TipRommel Canlas / Shutterstock

5. Don’t Tip

Tipping practices vary greatly from region to region and in some countries you’re not expected to tip at all. Is that the case the country you’re in? Who cares! Just play “dumb tourist” and hope nobody notices before you dash out the door.



How to Make Friends During Your Trip

One of the biggest fears of people who want to embark on a solo trip is being alone. They think meeting new people will be a struggle, and if they can’t find a partner to travel with, they just cancel or postpone their adventure. The truth is that with a little bit of planning and initiative, it’s actually harder to be alone than you think. The travel community is extremely welcoming and one doesn’t need to try hard to be part of it.

This Is the Fastest Way to Get through Customs

No one enjoys lines, and custom lines are some of the worst. The hundreds of confused flyers with paperwork in hand is daunting, but what if I told you that you can bypass that line for free – without paying for Global Entry? Whether you travel internationally 30 times a year or once a year, you’ll love the app. The Mobile Passport Control app speeds up the process of filling out and processing your U.S. immigration paperwork. This little-known app gets you your own line, away from the crowds, and lets you get to baggage claim that much quicker – likely before your baggage!

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The moment someone goes on their first trip and gets a taste of freedom and adventure, everything changes. They yearn for more travel, and the more they do it, the more experienced they become. It eventually gets to a point where travel is part of their lives, and it pretty much influences every decision they make. Even though you can find many different types of travelers and styles of traveling, there are some characteristics all frequent travelers share.