Why Travel Could Be the Answer to Your Problems

Travel is often regarded as a pleasurable experience. People visit other countries to have fun, relax, and basically take a long-needed break from work. However, it would be an understatement to ignore the transformative aspects of a trip. Many people travel to heal emotional wounds, find new perspectives, or even change their lifestyles completely.

Why the Algarve Should Be on Your Bucket List

To make the most of Portugal, you need to go beyond Lisbon and enjoy the relaxed pace of the Algarve, the country’s southernmost region.

Traveling the World from Your Couch: The 10 Best Travel Shows on TV

You can still globe-trot without spending a fortune. Simply grab the remote as traveling the world is a mere click away. So, settle into your favorite chair, grab a snack, and enjoy the ride. Below are 10 of the best travel shows on TV.

Cultured Palate: Dishes from Puerto Rico

Although there are many Puerto Rican restaurants in the United States, most of the authentic ingredients for these key dishes can only be found on the island. So, keep a look out for these traditional dishes on your next visit.

Cultured Palate: Dishes from Jamaica

If you’ve never had Jamaican food before, get ready for a flavorful explosion as soon as you take your first bite. Here are some of the best dishes from a cuisine full of spice, flavor, and heat.

Cultured Palate: Dishes from Iran

Iranian cuisine uses a myriad of spices, dried and fresh fruits, herbs, and nuts to flavor dishes. These ingredients turn even the simplest meal of rice and stewed meat into a sensory explosion.

woman at airport

10 Apps To Make Vacation Planning Easier Than Ever

It’s normal to feel stressed out and overwhelmed when planning a vacation, especially if you have to book everything yourself. There are flights to buy, activities to plan, and a suitcase that has to be packed with everything you’ll need for however long you’re away. Lucky for you, there’s an app for everything these days…

The 10 Most Popular Travel Attractions in 2019

Whether you’re flying somewhere across the world or just driving a few hours away from home, travel is exciting. There are millions of destinations to choose from, yet somehow large crowds continue to visit the same places every year. TripAdvisor released the 10 most visited attractions of 2019 and the hype surrounding these iconic landmarks…

Working While Traveling: How to Find a Happy Balance

Working while traveling is an art form in and of itself. It takes determination, planning, and focus. Today, we’re going to open up the traveling worker’s toolbox and examine their most useful tools.

Get Out: The Unfriendliest Cities in the World

For every five-star review of a travel destination on TripAdvisor, there’s the opposite. The reasons range from locations that look better in pictures to over-populated city centers filled with scam artists and hucksters to over-priced meals served with a side order of attitude. It’s time to venture off-resort, into some of the unfriendliest cities in the whole wide world.