Total Relaxation: 10 Best Wellness Retreats

There are some who love to travel to different places while on vacation and experience the local culture, as well as embarking on new adventures. Meanwhile, there are others out there that love the idea of unplugging from the busyness of everyday life during a holiday, connecting with nature, and a yearning for some spiritual awakening.

Depending on what kind of relaxation you are looking for, a wellness retreat can offer an extraordinary vacay away from daily distractions of life, while enjoying incredible cuisine, along with fun activities to keep your body moving.

Whether you love the idea of some hiking, yoga, meditation, or massages, there are a variety of wellness retreats all across the globe that help you relax, find your inner self, and feel rejuvenated.

1. Cala de Mar in Mexico

With a focus on indigenous Mexican traditions, Cala de Mar embeds wellness practices amongst rituals from the locals. They offer a plethora of activities to engage in from scuba diving to golf, yoga, and more.

Cala de Mar has a variety of suite options to choose from, starting around $279 per night.

2. Hotel Joaquin in California

An on-site employee dubbed the “Adventure Director” reaches out before you even hit this wellness retreat to organize your itinerary. If that doesn’t spell “wellness vacay success”, not sure what would!

Activities to dive into include everything from meditation to surfing, with price accommodation rates starting at $249 per night.

3. SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain

SHA offers a wide variety of health programs that focus on things from “Life Reset” to weight loss. You are able to stay for the durations of four, seven, 14, or even 28 days!

The resort combines Western medical treatments, therapeutic nutrition, and holistic therapies. Prices vary depending on the programs and most require a two-day stay at a minimum, which costs between $340 and $689.

4. Santani in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for awe-inspiring views, then Santani in Sri Lanka may be your best bet.

Overlooking the Knuckles Mountain Range — which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site — this resort lays upon 48 acres of what was once a tea estate. They offer wellness programs that focus on addiction, detox, health, and stress, with stay durations that range from seven to 21 days.

Rates start at anywhere between $300 to $400 per night.

5. Red Mountain in Utah

Who wouldn’t love heading to a retreat with their furry friends? If you are looking for a wellness resort that can accommodate your pet, Red Mountain is a great option.

Along with the stunning rock and desert scenery that this part of the world offers, guest (and pets in tow) will love the private hiking trails that span 55 acres. Other perks include cooking classes, spa treatments, and whirlpools.

Prices change according to the package chosen, with some fees added on for pets. Rates range from $200 to $260 per night.

6. Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort in Panama

Looking for a tropical wellness retreat to mix some sand, water, and warmth to your getaway?

Sansara is located on a private beach and offers guests a stunning and soothing ocean view within an intimate setting. The resort offers a yoga studio, on-site spa, surfing activities, meditation and more.

Rates start at approximately $249 per night, plus 10 percent tax.

7. Body Holiday in St. Lucia

Offering seven-day programs filled with spa and fitness activities, Body Holiday was founded on the following key principles of healthy eating: exercise, relaxation, and restoration.

Guests are spoiled with daily spa treatments, some of which are included within the retreat bookings. Having said that, this resort isn’t only about rejuvenation, as it also has a wide range of fun activities in the mix, including archery, tai chi, tennis, and Spoga (spinning and yoga). Of course, if relaxing is your thing, then grab a book, and dive into a good story while sitting upon St. Lucia’s beautiful crystalline beaches.

Rates start at $349 per night.

8. Six Senses Douro Valley in Portugal

Wine and the spa? Where does one sign up?

Established within one of the globe’s oldest wine regions, Six Senses Douro Valley is set up in a 19th-century home, filled with a modern flair.

On top of their wine machine at the bar and wide-ranging cellar filled with the fermented grape juice good stuff, the resort offers everything from yoga to an acupuncturist. They also provide guests with the opportunity to customize their own wellness programs to give each person the experience of a lifetime when it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation.

An average night at Six Senses ranges from $330 to $730.

9. Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa, British Columbia

Breathing in that fresh Canadian air will not only inspire your soul but help you to embrace healthy and clean choices when it comes to diet and exercise.

With a plethora of activities including day-long hikes led by locals, yoga classes while watching the sunrise, and having an on-site nutritionist and head chef prepare locally sourced meals packed with nutrients, Mountain Trek is all about achieving your best life through positive life choices.

Since there are sights to see and experience both in the summer and winter months, this lodge-like resort is great all year around. It’ll be a stay filled with fitness, good food, and fun!

Although rates vary, a seven-day all-inclusive stay costs approximately $5,400.

10. COMO Parrot Cay in Turks & Caicos

Who wouldn’t want to be whisked away to a private island where you focus on what’s truly important in your life, your health?

COMO not only offers complimentary Pilates and yoga classes but holistic therapies including Ayurveda and reflexology. The resort also provides activities for the adventurous, with windsurfing lessons, biking excursions, diving trips, and fishing. Or, try and live the calming life by simply visiting their infinity pool to enjoy a beautiful ocean view. The options are endless!

You’ll have to pay for paradise though. A one night at this health-centric oasis runs about $1,400.

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