11 Great Hostels to Stay In

For budget-minded travelers in search of a cheap place to stay, hostels can be the perfect option.

Generally, hostels offer much better value than hotels and short-term apartment rentals. Because less money is spent on accommodations, it allows globetrotters to designate a larger portion of their budget to food and sightseeing activities. Plus, it will give you a chance to connect with like-minded travelers.

Despite the popularity of online booking sites, it can be hard to find the perfect accommodations. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 11 great hostels that are clear favorites among seasoned backpackers. From sprawling dorms to trendy beachside huts, take a peek at some of the best hostels in the world.

1. Nomads – Queenstown, New Zealand

Known for its top-notch showers, enormous kitchen, and oversized lounge area, staying at Nomads is a treat.

Located in Queenstown, New Zealand, this hostel features a variety of rooms to suit several tastes. Choose an intimate room for luxurious privacy or opt for the large dorm-style accommodation that’s great for larger groups. Plus, most rooms come with balconies overlooking the heart of the city.

Unlike most hostels, Nomads does not have an attached bar. This means guests are allowed to drink inside the hostel. Instead of spending money at the bars, most travelers will hang around socializing well into the early morning hours.

On top of all these accommodations, the owners host activities for guests. This includes a free dinner and quiz nights on Sundays.

2. Francesco’s – Ios, Greece

If you’re ever headed to the stunning Greek island of Ios, there are only two main places to stay: Francesco’s and Far Out Beach Resort. However, Francesco’s is the preferred hostel for many reasons.

The family that runs this hostel has made sure the rooms are comfy and clean. Plus, this lively accommodation is a lot closer to town. So, guests don’t have to walk far after a late night out.

If you’re looking to socialize with other travelers, Francesco’s is the spot. It’s literally impossible not to meet people here. In the evenings, the staff likes to get everyone together for interaction and drinks.

During the day, take a 20-minute stroll to the main beach. If you’re looking for something less busy, there are six quieter beaches within comfortable walking distance.

Central, scenic, and affordable, you’ll certainly get the best value at Francesco’s.

3. Rocking J’s – Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Rocking J’s has been catering to tourists for ages. You could say it’s almost become an institution in Central America.

Located on a beautiful white sand beach, this trendy accommodation features eclectic decor and funky finishes. Guests can sleep on a bed in one of the private rooms or in one of the many hammocks hanging from an open concept space.

Visitors particularly like the hostel’s food options and the staff-run nightly BBQs. They can also arrange travel services, including cab bookings and sightseeing tours.

With good company, beautiful views, and cheap accommodations, it’s easy to see why Rocking J’s has become one of Costa Rica’s best places to stay.

4. The Flying Pig – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This popular hostel has three locations (uptown, downtown, and the beach) in Amsterdam, which are famous for their relaxed atmospheres and friendly vibes. Although the facilities are pretty standard, backpackers don’t come here for the pillows and beds. Instead, they come for the people.

Each location has what’s called a Pig bar. These are popular places for guests to have a drink and smoke weed. But if you’re just looking to socialize and chat, there’s lots of that going on too. The staff enjoy hanging out with guests and are happy to offer expert tips on the city.

The accommodations are on the pricier side, but rates include breakfast, bed linens, Wi-Fi, lockers, and city tours. Out of the three locations, uptown is often preferred since it’s smaller and easier to meet fellow travelers.

5. Hostel Mostel – Bulgaria

Here’s a hostel that loves to give their guests a bunch of free things. With free breakfast, free dinner, free beer, and free Wi-Fi, you’d think their rates would be pretty expensive to cover all these freebies. Fortunately, they’re not. For about 10 euros a night, you can get a comfortable bed and clean bathroom facilities.

Hostel Mostel has three locations in major Bulgarian cities, which include Sofia, Plovdiv, and Veliko Tarnovo. All the hostels strive for consistency, so guests can be sure they’re getting top-notch accommodations at each location.

6. Tallinn Backpackers – Tallinn, Estonia

Featuring just 26 beds over four rooms, Tallinn Backpackers is one of Europe’s smallest hostels. Because of its size, Tallinn accepts only solo travelers and small groups. Still, it’s impossible to feel lonely in this popular hostel that treats guests like family.

Known for its brightly painted bunk beds, the accommodations are housed in a beautiful medieval building located in the Old Town of Tallinn. Surrounded by a fairytale-like setting, the beds are soft and feature extra-thick mattresses. Each room has access to a strong Wi-Fi signal, making it easy to connect with friends and family while abroad.

7. Green Tortoise – Seattle, Washington

The Green Tortoise offers some of the best hostels on America’s west coast. Its Seattle location offers a hearty breakfast and lots of staff-run events to keep guests entertained.

Apart from the friendly atmosphere, this hostel offers plush beds with clean shower facilities. Amenities include a game room, communal kitchen, and oversized bathrooms.

Located in an unpretentious brick building, the Green Tortoise is in a prime neighborhood. Just a minute’s walk to the famous Pike Place Market and the Seattle Art Museum, this hostel allows you to enjoy all the city’s attractions.

8. Naked Tiger – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

If you ever have the pleasure of backpacking through Nicaragua, the Naked Tiger is highly recommended.

Located in the picturesque beach town of San Juan del Sur, this hostel likes to keep things simple. The staff prides itself on being able to offer clean accommodations, a fun atmosphere, and friendly service — all at a reasonable price.

They’ve recently opened an in-house surf company called Naked Surf. As such, the hostel runs daily shuttles to nearby beaches, giving travelers an opportunity to ride the waves. If surfing isn’t your style, then join the team for an afternoon of sunbathing and relaxation.

9. Gallery Hostel – Porto, Portugal

If you like the idea of staying in a hostel but are worried about roughing it, Gallery Hostel is the place for you. Located in the city of Porto, Portugal, this luxury accommodation offers stately rooms with tasteful decor. The hostel also operates as an art gallery, showcasing pieces from local artists.

Air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi are standard in all the rooms. Plus, Gallery Hostel offers a spacious backyard, home-cooked Portuguese cuisine, and free after-dinner drinks.

For those travelers who aren’t on a strict budget, staying here is definitely a treat.

10. City Backpackers – Stockholm, Sweden

City Backpackers is one of Europe’s top hostels and it’s not difficult to see why. The beds and pillows are super comfortable, plus their shower facilities are always well kept. Additionally, City Backpackers offer a huge kitchen, access to a free sauna, and clean laundry machines.

Enjoy a coffee and light snack at the hostel’s well-run cafe and mingle with other guests in their outdoor seating area. There are also tons of public computers, so travelers can check emails and research their next destination.

On top of all everything, guests appreciate the little extras, like free ice skate rentals, free pasta, and eight-hour bike rentals.

11. Khaosan Hostel – Tokyo, Japan

This fabulous hotel chain is one of Tokyo’s most popular since they know how to treat their guests right. Khaosan Hostel has several convenient locations featuring spotless rooms with comfortable beds. Travelers particularly enjoy the charming outdoor spaces and minimalist Japanese decor.

For those who want to cook their own meals, Khaosan Hostel locations offer a communal kitchen with all appliances and utensils. Guests are welcome to enjoy free tea and coffee, which can be enjoyed while overlooking the Tokyo skyline.

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11 Great Hostels in Europe to Stay In

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