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Amanda BurtonAmanda Burton (5)

Amanda is a writer for Travelversed.

Delia TuguiDelia Tugui (27)

When she’s not traveling, Delia is planning her next journey. She loves being on the road and talking about it. Delia has the job that she’s always wanted, so she shares her stories with fellow travelers.

Travelversed EditorsTravelversed Editors (164)

Whichever sort of traveler you are, Travelversed has got the tips and inspiration you need to make the most of your journey. There are wonders just around the corner!


Kelly DunningKelly Dunning (10)

Kelly Dunning is a freelance writer, travel blogger and digital nomad. She and her partner Lee, a web designer from Northern England, are digital nomads and have been working remotely while backpacking around the world with no fixed address since May of 2011. Together they created Global-Goose.com, a resource of information and inspiration for other travelers.


Stephanie KempkerStephanie Kempker (22)

Steph is a travel writer and serial expat living in Rio de Janeiro until after the 2016 Olympics (prior: Bangkok). She can be found in search of (or writing about) cultural insights, fresh veg eats, and epiphanies.


Hannah SmithHannah Smith (1)

Hannah is a writer for Travelversed.

Gustavo CoelhoGustavo Coelho (8)

Gustavo is a writer for Travelversed.

Noah DolinajecNoah Dolinajec (1)

Noah is a writer for Travelversed.

Guilherme RibeiroGuilherme Ribeiro (82)

Guilherme is a writer and translator. He likes his freedom, randomness and flexibility and tries to find them travelling around the world. He is the Co-Founder of Slow Spirit, a blog about a minimalist and sustainable travel lifestyle.


Jordana WeissJordana Weiss (116)

Jordana Weiss lives and works in Canada. She has been working as a writer and editor for over 5 years, focusing primarily on travel, food, the arts, and lifestyle articles.

Jenni CairoJenni Cairo (30)

Jenni is a writer for Travelversed.

Allison CollinsAllison Collins (1)

Allison is a writer for Travelversed.

Dillon HilesDillon Hiles (4)

Dillon is a writer for Travelversed.

Karla LantKarla Lant (1)

Karla Lant is an experienced freelance writer and editor and an adjunct professor. Her particular speciality areas as a writer include technology, science, technical writing, business, law, finance, insurance, education, course development, copywriting, academic writing, and of course travel! As a homeschooling parent she is helping to raise the next generation of wanderers.


Decimus AnothosDecimus Anothos (1)

Dec is a country boy with a city boy attitude. Long walks on the beach and piña coladas aren't his "jam" though, so don't confuse him with any of those other country/city boys. He has been known to write words. The truth is out there.

Charlie HannahCharlie Hannah (1)

Charlie writes words for the internet. She’s a lentil enthusiast, a world champion complainer, and a reptoid conspiracy theorist. She has never seen ‘Star Wars’ and has no intention to, so stop asking.

Erin C.Erin C. (8)

Erin is a writer for Travelversed.

Alyssa HollingsworthAlyssa Hollingsworth (39)

Alyssa was born in small town Milton, Florida, but life as a roving military kid soon mellowed her (unintelligibly strong) Southern accent. Wanderlust is in her blood, and she’s always waiting for the wind to change. Stories remain her constant.


Ryan FarleyRyan Farley (13)

Ryan Farley is a Bangkok-based marathon runner, backpacker, comic book lover and international traveler who looks for trouble wherever he can find it. Especially 7-11. If you’ve never been to Thailand you have no idea what a rabbit hole 7-11 is.

Bryan RichardsBryan Richards (35)

Bryan Richards has followed his taste buds across five continents. He's passionate about encouraging others to explore new places and tastes in a way that inspires curiosity and motivation. Follow his journey on Twitter and Instagram at @brichwrites.