Jenni Cairo

7 Weird Things No One Will Tell You About America

We all know America has the bald eagle, Hollywood, fast food, movie stars, baseball, the NFL, and many other world-famous things to offer (complete with some infamously otherworldly places, but that’s a different article). But how about some of the strange facts and stories that you’ve never heard of before?

7 Things You Should Never Do In China

Lantern festivals, flying dragon costumes, vast and beautiful temples – these are just a few of the many stunning attractions to see when visiting China. Interacting with day to day Chinese life, the people, and the events requires tact and knowledge to avoid disrespecting the locals and their traditions with foreign practices and ignorance.

7 Things You Should Never Wear to the Beach

Appropriate beach attire can vary depending on the type of beach you’re heading to, however, there are a few things that are never a good idea. Read through our list to make sure you don’t make any basic beach mistakes.

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It seems like hardly anyone looks forward to attending a traditional wedding these days. If you’re thinking of ways to spice up your special day, consider Vegas.

7 Airplane Crashes Thwarted by Awesome Pilots

Even though many are terrified of flying, statistics prove that traveling by air is still the safest way to get from A to B. Or is it?

World’s 7 Most Thrilling Theme Parks

Massive drops, lunch loosing bends and eye popping twirls abound in these parks for the adventurous.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Traveling Without a Tour Group

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