20 Ways to Stay Travel Inspired When You’re Stuck in a Cubicle

You’re sitting in your office cubicle when all of a sudden the tight quarters seem tighter. It’s like they’re closing in on you. Your heart rate picks up. Beads of sweat start to form on your brow.

What’s happening to you? Why is everything starting to feel so claustrophobic?

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    Panicked, your eyes race from computer screen to smartphone to tablet. Each is displaying photos of travel — not your travels, but somebody else’s.

    This is when you realize that you’re suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out), and the pain is real.

    Don’t let this happen to you! Take these steps to stay travel inspired when you’re stuck in a cubicle.


    Concentrate on your own awesome travels.

    Poster your cubicle, screensavers, and background images with photos from your own travels. This helps to remind yourself that you, too, take awesome trips, even if you’re not currently traveling.

    dmitry_islentev / Shutterstock.com

    dmitry_islentev / Shutterstock.com

    Read travel blogs for inspiration and not voyeurism.

    Travel blogs can be both a motivation and a detriment. They serve as a great source to help us determine where we plan to go next, but they can also lead to serious FOMO.

    Only visit travel blogs that get your gears moving towards buying those plane tickets and not the ones that make you regret your life decisions. This means that you might have to break off your lunchtime date with the girl who’s been backpacking the world for 10 years. You have three kids and two pugs. That will never be you, so end that unhealthy relationship now.

    lzf / Shutterstock.com

    lzf / Shutterstock.com

    Only look at travel blogs when you’re planning a trip.

    If you can’t help but to fall into a deep depression from reading travel blogs, then don’t read them. Only visit travel blogs when you’re researching your next trip.

    NicoElNino / Shutterstock.com

    NicoElNino / Shutterstock.com

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