5 Traits That Make Seasoned Travelers Different

4. You Pack Smartly

When you take three pair of jeans to Thailand and at the end of your trip you realize you probably wore one of them only once, you know you were carrying dead weight. The next time you might not take any!

Unless you have very specific needs, you’ll take less stuff every new trip. And you’ll find bliss when you just need to travel with a carry on — as I do!

bikeriderlondon / Shutterstock.com

bikeriderlondon / Shutterstock.com

5. You’re Not Afraid to Try New Things

When you’re visiting your 20th country, you already know that traveling is as much doing as it is seeing. You realize the memories you cherish the most are not taking pictures with Christ the Redeemer or the Eiffel Tower, but dancing samba with a caipirinha in your hand or eating brie and red wine with a local.

So you might consider visiting a Maori tribe in New Zealand, having a cooking class in Bali or maybe a tango class in Argentina. Because when you learn even a tiny thing about a different culture, it stays with you, as you’ll always be proud to show or tell people about it.

At the end of the day, each person learns through their own experiences, and what was awesome to one person might be hell to another. Still, these events are going to pile up as the years pass and they will be the wisdom you carry with you.

What tip do you have as a seasoned traveler to share with us?

MJ Prototype / Shutterstock.com

MJ Prototype / Shutterstock.com



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