Visiting Rio’s World Wonder: Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer, one of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World, is a major bucket list item for travelers all over the world, whether religious or not. The enormous statue of Christ (known as Christo Redentor in Brazilian Portuguese) stands watch over the stunning city of Rio de Janeiro – creating the perfect opportunity for tourists to visit a modern wonder while enjoying one of the most vibrant, exciting cities in the world.

Fast Facts About Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is the most visited and most well-known icon in Rio de Janeiro. Approximately 2 million people visit Christ the Redeemer every year – and the numbers continue to grow.

The statue is HUGE. Christ the Redeemer is the largest religious statue anywhere in the world. He weighs 635 metric tons and is made entirely of concrete and soapstone. He stands 30 meters tall, and his arms reach to a span of 28 meters wide. He is one of the tallest points in the city at 2300 feet above sea level.

Christ was EXTREMELY expensive. When the statue was built in the 1920s, it cost the equivalent of 3.3 million US dollars today.

Why should I come see Christ the Redeemer now?

Typically an expensive city, Rio de Janeiro is cheaper now than it has been in over a decade, due to the falling Brazilian Real value. In about one year, the currency has lost about half its value as compared to a dollar. Meaning that while it once cost almost 30USD to visit Christ the Redeemer, right now it is only 15.50USD, though the price has stayed at 62 Brazilian reals.

What should I know before visiting Christ the Redeemer?

The statue attracts tourists from all over the world, of every nationality and religion. Because of this, the statue tends to get very busy in the afternoon, and it is best to visit in the morning as soon as the site opens.

The best days for visits are clear and cloudless, so that you can get a great view of Christ (perfect for selfies!) while also taking in the sweeping vistas of Rio de Janeiro from the viewing platform.

Bring water and snacks if you’re on a budget, as those items are really overpriced.

Be sure not to buy your souvenirs at Christ the Redeemer, as they are three times more expensive than other places, even compared to Copacabana.



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