13 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied on a Flight

4. Card Games

There are numerous games you can enjoy with a pack of cards and they can be quite entertaining at any age. Rummy, Go Fish, Spades, Uno, Crazy Eights, Old Maid — the list goes on.

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5. Puzzles

Although the super large puzzles would be perfect since they can take hours the complete, this won’t work with the limited space on the airplane. You can still bring along, several smaller ones that can fit on the pull-out tray. Try to get some new ones for the flight though — chances are they can solve the ones they already have pretty quickly.

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6. Coloring books

There are lots of cool coloring books available these days, and not just those boring ones that many of us are used to. Mom.me has a list of the coolest coloring books for kids with options such as Oodles of Doodles, a tattoo coloring book, and even a Fab Fashion coloring book just in case your little one has dreams of being a fashion designer. If your tiny tot shows signs of being the next Van Gogh there’s a coloring book for the art obsessed too. Mom.me also lets you know where to purchase these items and how much they cost.



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No one enjoys lines, and custom lines are some of the worst. The hundreds of confused flyers with paperwork in hand is daunting, but what if I told you that you can bypass that line for free – without paying for Global Entry? Whether you travel internationally 30 times a year or once a year, you’ll love the app. The Mobile Passport Control app speeds up the process of filling out and processing your U.S. immigration paperwork. This little-known app gets you your own line, away from the crowds, and lets you get to baggage claim that much quicker – likely before your baggage!