13 Ways to Keep Kids Occupied on a Flight

7. Board games

Sometimes, you have to go old school and this is one of those times. I suggest you make your way to the attic and pull out those dusty board games that you probably packed away once you bought those nifty gadgets. If your kids have been playing chess, checkers, Scrabble, and Monopoly on their tablets, then they already know what to do; the rules are basically the same no matter the medium.

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8. Homework

They probably won’t be too thrilled about this one, but it will undoubtedly keep them occupied. Do your kids have homework that’s due when they return home? Well, since they have hours of time in the air, the airplane is as good a place as any to get cracking. You won’t win any brownie points with this one, but at least when your kids return home, they won’t have to worry about homework.

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9. Music

Download a playlist of songs on your phone and your kids can sit for hours and hours listening to their favorite music. While videos can occupy their time, sometimes just listening to their favorite nursery rhymes or a playlist from their beloved cartoons can also be quite entertaining. Keep a list of soothing songs in the playlist as well; it will help put the little ones to sleep. Oh, and don’t forget to pack earphones, so as not to disturb the other passengers.

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