4 Rocking Cities in England That Will Make You Sing Along

Whenever you find yourself on the road, your headphones are one of your best journey companions. Your playlist is always shuffling a song that matches your mood, the view in front of your eyes, the destination you’re heading to. And here’s a great idea: why don’t you combine your love for music with the one for travel? Brilliant thought, isn’t it?

Next destination: England – where some of the major rock bands have started their careers, many of your favorite riffs have been written, and tons of rehearsals and live shows have conquered the audiences.

So England, here we come!

1. London Calling

London is the place where brilliant bands were born, as well as a magnet for a bunch of artists from all over the world. No travel and music buff should miss a visit in the English capital! Prepare yourself to spend some music-filled time and discover one of the most significant cities on the globe in terms of riffs, lyrics and drum beats.


This place had witnessed plenty of magical moments. Among the bands that started their careers here, I must mention no other than The Rolling Stones, those who can give lessons about transforming the stages into real playing fields over and over again. With years of top ranking hits and worldwide touring, the British group was born in London, in 1962.

Led Zeppelin is another resonant name that started mixing blues, hard rock and folk in The City. Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, The Kinks, The Who, Queen and Coldplay – everybody sings along with them. And now you have the chance to explore the urban areas where their road to success began.

Does The New Wave of British Heavy Metal ring any bells? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because Iron Maiden, the most popular group of this movement, has its origins right here. We are Motörhead and we play rock’n’roll – they say. Indeed, and they began doing it in London.

Kiwi / Own Work
Kiwi / Own Work

The punk movement shouldn’t be forgotten, either. Bands like Sex Pistols and The Clash have played their first catchy chords in the mighty capital. The Beatles, even if not originally from London, have spent a consistent part of their career over here.

Walk the Denmark Street (also known as the Tin Pan Alley), the place where the Regent Sounds Studio (The Rolling Stones recorded their first album here) is located. Other British bands have recorded their soon-to-be hits on this street, also. Don’t miss the chance to admire the music shops that line the sidewalks.

The Wembley Arena is another spot you’ll want to check out. The biggest international artists of all time have played (and continue playing) here, making their audiences’ dreams come true. The Marquee Club has seen live concerts played by bands like Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones (first show, back in 1962).

Freddie Mercury’s house can be easily found at 1 Logan Place, Kensington. Get your camera ready, because its outer wall is decorated with beautiful messages and graffiti made by talented Queen fans.

Gary Denham
Gary Denham

Last but not least, the Abbey Road will give you the chance to see the famous zebra crossing featured in one of the most iconic Beatles album covers.