How to Make Friends During Your Trip

Don’t Forget the Hostel Staff (and the Locals)

When you stay in a hostel with a great team, it can make all the difference. Most of the time it’s comprised of a mix of local people and passing travelers who sometimes live in the hostel. They’re usually very welcoming and will go out of their way so you can have a nice time.

More often than not, if they consider you to be a good friend, they might invite you to their personal life and get you to know their friends and family. So not only will you make a new friend, but also have a chance to experience the day-to-day of the locals.

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Keep Your Flight Boarding Pass and Get Discounts on Your Vacation

After boarding a flight, most people just stuff their boarding pass into their carry-on and forget about it. By doing this, you’re missing out on potential savings. Many airlines offer discounts and freebies for those who keep their boarding pass. Depending on where you land, you could score savings on tourist attractions, restaurants, wine, or even airport transfers.

The Most Common Scams from Around the World

There’s nothing like traversing the world and exploring new countries and cultures, but sometimes the experience is spoiled by dishonorable people preying on uninformed travelers. If you make an effort to learn about the classic scams, you’re unlikely to fall victim to them and can just enjoy the positive side of your trip. To help, here’s a list of common scams around the world for you to get acquainted with.

The Ins and Outs of Hostel Life

The more you choose to stay in hostels, the more you realize they come in all shapes and sizes. Despite that, some aspects of hostel life tend to remain the same. Of course, hostels may not be everyone’s taste, but the good massively outweighs the bad.