How to Make Friends During Your Trip

Consider Using a Meeting App

Did you know there are many people who use Tinder to meet other travelers? That’s right! Although the app is geared towards romantic relationships, it’s also possible to make new friends if you set the boundaries from the get-go.

Another option is the Meetup app, which makes it easier for you to find like-minded people and communities. So, if you’re into slacklining, salsa, or even Pokémon GO, you’ll probably find a group of people who meet regularly and would love to have you around.

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Get Used to Saying Yes

There’s no point in traveling to the other side of the globe, just to stay in your room checking Facebook all day long. It’s super important to be open to new adventures, especially the ones that make you slightly uncomfortable. Making friends involves initiative, but sometimes, it’s just a matter of saying “yes.”

So if everyone decides to go to the beach, for instance, and they invite you to go along, jump at the opportunity and make the most of it. Overcome your shyness and start accepting invitations (even if it’s to go bungee jumping), and before you know it, it’ll be you inviting other people.

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Meet People on Long Journeys

Long bus journeys can be miserable — no one likes to drive for 16 hours on a crowded vehicle, especially if it has no toilets. Instead of just shutting yourself to the world to read your book or listen to your iPod, why not strike a conversation with a fellow passenger?

You might meet someone who’s going to the same destination and could become a great travel partner. They also might know something you don’t (like a cheaper hostel or cool nearby village), and by changing your plans you end with new stories and a friend for life.

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