9 Secret Places You Won’t Find in the Guidebook

Julia-Campbell-Agrofrest,-Pula,-PhilippinesAdwo / Shutterstock

Julia Campbell Agroforest, Pula, Philippines

Dedicated in honor of a fallen Peace Corps volunteer, the Julia Campbell Agroforest encompasses 40 hectares of an organic shade-grown coffee plantation that strictly prohibits any hunting within its boundaries. A serene spot in the mountains of the Cordillera region of Pula, the park is also home to a civet rehabilitation center where previously abused civets are allowed to roam free.

Civets, a small cat-like mammal native to Southeast Asia, are known as part producers of the rarest coffee in the world – Civet Coffee. After eating their fill of Arabica and Robusta cherries, the civets pass the beans through their digestive system unharmed, the beans are then collected, hopefully washed, and used to make coffee! If you ever wanted to try a cup, this is the place to do it.



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