Save Them All: Animal Sanctuaries to Visit

Libearty Bear Sanctuary

Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Romania is one of the few bear sanctuaries dedicated to helping this misunderstood species. Many people fear bears, thinking them to be fierce and prone to attack, but usually it’s humans who do the most damage in their interactions with these furry creatures.

Libearty Bear Sanctuary is home to around 95 brown and black bears, all of whom were rescued from abusive situations, like circuses or tourist attractions. Visitors to the sanctuary have the opportunity to see the bears in their natural habitat (through glass, of course).

Hetta Huskies

Dogsledding is one of the most quintessentially Nordic experiences that you can have. The next time you’re in northern Europe and want to indulge in a day of dogsledding, make sure you choose Hetta Huskies in Finland. Their number one priority is keeping the dogs in their care safe and healthy. The Hetta Huskies aren’t overworked, and visitors are specially trained to work with them to minimize the strain on the dogs.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

If you’re into pandas, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is the best place to learn about pandas and see these amazing creatures up close. This research organization tries to help facilitate panda breeding, which is difficult at the best of times because female pandas only ovulate once a year.

While you’re there, you can tour the panda habitats and visit their gorgeous gardens. The UN Environmental Programme has even named this organization one of the top 500 environmental conservation organizations in the world.

Karel Cerny / Shutterstock



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